Reviewing the Business Card of Bill, Construction Company Owner

Courtesy of Flickr.

This double-sided business card is for the owner of a construction company.

The most obvious part of the design is the logo on the front side, composed of two letters, each letter coming from the name of the owner’s first and last name. One letter is black, the other is gray. A green roof completes the logo.

The company website URL is displayed below the logo. Conveniently, it is the company name. A grid design serves as the background, with a white center radiating out to a very light green color.

On the back is the cell phone number, office phone number, e-mail address and another e-mail address.

The logo is nicely done and should suffice as a logo. A logo is a simple graphic that is unique enough so that people recognize the company quickly and easily without a lot of reading or researching.

For example, the famous GM logo is recognized instantaneously because it is used in all of the company’s promotions and marketing materials. By using a logo on business cards, flyers, brochures and advertising campaigns, people will know this company by its logo.

The green color scheme stands out, bringing to mind the lush tropical vegetation in an exotic Caribbean resort, situated next to the warm ocean waters and cool ocean breezes. Using cheap caribbean coupon codes, one can get all of this for just a fraction of the price of a regular tour company’s trips.

The logo is centered for easy spotting.

There appears to be no name listed, which is puzzling. There should be a name and job title listed so that people have a name to refer to and how this person fits into the company.

There should be a one-line summary of what kind of construction the company does. As it stands, it is impossible to know that from the card.

Since two sides of the card are used, the second side should add more information because that is what helps the potential client know more about this company. While the logo and URL are nice, they could have been put all on one side. What should have been listed are areas in which the company specializes.

There should also be a company slogan, a one-line statement that tells people why they should contact this company. Does this business beat the competition on price? Construction quality? The speed at which the project is completed?

It seems that there is too much blank space in this design.